Wildkin Sling Book Shelf - Cherry w/ Blue

Wildkin Sling Book Shelf - Cherry w/ Blue

Cherry w/ Blue

"PROMOTES ORGANIZATION - Staying organized is easy when you add this product to any room to encourages children of all ages to maintain and organize their items on their own. The convenient and easy design make this the perfect gift for the young readers in your life.
SAY GOODBYE TO MESSY ROOMS - This bookshelf is small enough to fit anywhere in your house but large enough to store all your favorite books, magazines, paintings, and more. Its small footprint and sleek, classic wood design make it the perfect fit for any room!
STRONG, STURDY CONSTRUCTION WITH QUICK, EASY ASSEMBLY - High quality fabric shelves make this piece the perfect solution for avoiding book damage over time, while helping children to easily identify and remove items. Quick, simple assembly makes it easy to switch things up if you want to move this piece to a different room, so it can follow your avid readers wherever they end up.
CLASSROOM LEARNING WITH A CLASSIC LOOK - It's reading time made easy! Classrooms and libraries are not the only places books belong and with the size and fit of this bookshelf you'll want two, three or four more around the house to meet your book storage needs.
VERY VERSATILE - The neat design of this bookshelf works for much more than just books. This piece can be a home for anything from books and magazines to paintings and writings. The possibilities are endless!"
"The Wildkin sling bookshelf is designed to keep your house as tidy as possible, while also keeping the little ones in your house entertained and happy. You'll find this bookshelf is small enough to fit well into any room but large enough to hold all of the must-have favorites your family is collecting. High quality fabric and clever design make this bookshelf ideal for not only protecting the book and other items it stores, but also making it very easy for your child to identify and select a book for that grab-and-go experience. Our sling bookshelves measure 25x11x24 inches and are recommended for children ages 3-10 years. Keeping your bookshelf in tip top shape is a breeze - feel free to clean as you needed with mild soap and water. Please avoid using bleach on this product."
"90-day manufacturer's warranty against defects - normal wear-and-tear, and misuse excluded. Rigorously tested to ensure that all parts are lead-safe, bpa-free, phthalate-free, and conform to all rules and regulations set forth by the Consumer Products "
7.00 lbs